About Us

Community Sport Solutions (C.S.S.) is a Non Profitable Organisation dedicated to promoting change and healthy lifestyles through sport within disadvantaged communities, as well as creating exposure for destitute youngsters with potential to prove and to improve their talents.

Our Story

After realizing the steady decline in organized extramural activities in Gugulethu, Cape Town, a small group of passionate sports fanatics decided something had to be done to assure the revival of sports in the disadvantaged communities. Thus, in early 2008, Community Sports Solutions was formed as a wheel of change for the greater good of the people of South Africa.


Since the day of its inception, Community Sport Solutions has been fighting to improve the overall quality of life and well-being for those living in disadvantaged communities.

C.S.S is an independent organisation here to execute its programmes and accomplish its objectives for the betterment of the community. Our outreach is targeted at youngsters between the ages of 7-17 years.


Our Work

Focused on initiating and implementing a range of varying sports orientated programmes in to the community, C.S.S has organised many tournaments, sports education classes and sports related events for locals to take part in.


As a committee we have agreed to initiate a 6 month project named Ziyabila Sport/Ezemidlalo. This project is made up by a number of programmes all aimed at initiating a more organised and structured consensus to sport development and training within the community.

Community Sports Solutions is here to promote sport’s popularity, particularly amongst the disadvantaged communities and destitute children. Sports helps instill a sense of responsibility, aiding the revival of a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Sports Programmes

Offering guidance, exposure and events in a range of sports including; soccer, netball, cricket, athletics, golf and cycling.

How can you help?

C.S.S are looking for more sponsors to assist in purchasing team uniforms, basic equipment and to assist in event coordination.

Volunteers & Donations

We are currently looking for more volunteer coaches and access to equipment, to continue with the development of skills and enhance our knowledge in more types of Sport. Including Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Cycling, and Golf.

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